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30 Sep 2022 Sport, parks, & leisure: daily news and jobs
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Excelsior Development Technology
4-5 King Square
United Kingdom
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Chris Rock, Partner

What we can do for you

The experience to deliver exactly what you need
We develop staff that enhance the culture, experience and reputation of your business which in turn drives adherence and a healthy bottom line.

We do this in person or through our digital learning platform to amplify the knowledge and skills needed to create lasting behaviour change.

The Excelsior team delivers memorable and motivating learning and development experiences, and we bring everything we’ve got to each and every session we undertake.

We’ve a wealth of experience and expertise from the health and fitness industry to draw upon as well as our own personal energy and enthusiasm for doing what we do.

Positive experiences that create competitive advantages
We utilise the latest insights from the science of learning and human behaviour to drive meaningful change in your business. We have years of experience presenting globally on a variety of topics that lead our industry forward in its thinking.

By extending our knowledge and interests in this way we are able to bring a level of perception to our work that would otherwise not exist.

This translates into a unique approach tailored to the exact needs of your business and the ability to unlock the competence and confidence required to give your staff the edge.

Key products and services

Transforming education for learners, operators, manufacturers & training providers

Digital Learning
‘learner’ is our health, wellness and fitness specific learning management system either preloaded with professional development content or customisable with your own brand and content.

learner also features several business management tools that enable easy payment, marketing, scheduling and sharing. for an all in one solution that empowers business owners and users alike.

Learning & Development
Qualifications and professional development are fundamental in achieving success. Excelsior is continually working towards providing outstanding learning and development to individuals and teams.

Our learning and development days and online courses are available at any time and cover a variety of areas with new courses added throughout the year.

We support businesses and operators to take full control of staff learning and development through the creation and execution of bespoke in-house academies.

Presenter & Speaker
As experienced, engaging, and some would say entertaining presenters, Excelsior delivers insight, and expertise, frequently taking to the stage for corporate and industry events all over the world.

Latest jobs
Operations Assistant (NPLQ required)

Location:Easton, Bristol, UK
Company:Everyone Active

Swimming Teacher

Salary:£15.00 per hour
Location:Easton, Bristol, UK
Company:Everyone Active

Fitness Motivator

Company:Everyone Active

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