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Escape offers high impact Dynamax Balls

Dynamax Balls, available though Escape Fitness, are intended for sports strength and conditioning training in studios. The equipment is designed to absorb high impact and can be used as part of training programmes for core strength, plyometrics and cardio fitness. They are available in nine different weights and are made from 70 per cent recycled, waterproof fabric.

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New AC Performance bike for studio workouts

Stairmaster has developed a new indoor cycling experience with the AC Performance Plus. The new bike offers greater fore-aft seat and handlebar adjustments for refined positioning. It has lightweight handlebars with a new adjustment system for easier set-up and increased range, as well as better grip for comfort. A wider step-through space has been developed and the stretch pads have been strengthened.

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Handy 6kg Jordan kettlebell now in pink

Functional fitness specialist Jordan Fitness has a launched a new pink kettlebell to add to its range of coloured neoprene-covered kettlebells. Available in a 6kg weight, the new pink kettlebell is made from cast iron with a neoprene-covered base, and comes with a one-year guarantee. The neoprene covering protects both the floor and the bells from damage. The kettlebells have a handle-to-bell distance designed for comfort and safety, by sitting on the forearm and not the wrist.

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Jordan kettlebell
Pro training kit by TRX for studios and outdoors

TRX has launched the new TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit for professional trainers. It’s designed to be durable, anti-slip, ergonomic and easy to clean with rubber handles. It has a theft-deterring locking carabineer, an ultra-durable DuPont Kevlar equalizer loop to guarantee high-use performance, and a range of anchoring solutions (door and suspension anchors and an Xtender Strap) for studio or outdoor use. Each PRO Kit comes with the new TRX Trainer Basics video, with instruction in more than 35 exercise variations and advanced strength and flexibility training.

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Kamagon Ball by Hedstrom for unstable training

Functional equipment supplier Physical Company has signed a deal with Hedstrom Fitness to act as sole UK distributor for The Kamagon Ball – an over-sized rubber medicine ball with two handles that can be filled with water to create variable, shifting loads of up to 20kg. The ball uses Hydro-Inertia technology to recruit more muscle fibres than when performing the same exercise with a static weight, and brings the benefits of unstable training to kettlebell and medicine ball exercises for small and large studios.

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Kamagon Ball
CoreFitnessRoller an all-rounder for studios

The CoreFitnessRoller is a new model of studio equipment. The portable modular machine is a cable machine for group exercise in studios or personal training sessions and also acts as a durable roller for myofascial release and rolling classes. The dual-pulley arm also detaches. The machine is designed to challenge balance, mobility, flexibility, strength and control.

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Fitness and feedback with the fitLight system

The fitLight Trainer system is a wireless light system for studios consisting of eight RGB LED-powered lights and a central PDA controller. The lights are used as targets for the athlete to activate or deactivate as part of the training routine. Various measurements can be captured for immediate feedback in relation to the athlete’s performance, or can be downloaded later to a central computer for analysis.

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New Stability Barre for studio pilates

Merrithew Health & Fitness has released its free-standing, dance-style Stability Barre, suitable for use with all barre studio workouts including STOTT Pilates Stability Barre training and new Total Barre Programme. The Stability Barre supports a variety of flexibility and strength training. Easily adjusted from 36.5 to 44 inches, it disassembles easily for storage when not in use (no wall mounts needed) and is portable. With group training or for more cardio-based work, attach the Stability Barre connectors to the uprights for additional steadiness. The barre is available in grey or white.

Stability Barre

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