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Pulse promotion

For over 35 years Pulse has been providing fitness and leisure solutions to organisations worldwide. In that time it has worked with a variety of different sectors including the military, educational institutions, public sector gyms, private leisure clubs and premium hotels and spas, to offer bespoke fitness solutions for every need.

Pulse proudly installed a range of equipment at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court

Pulse is well known for its award-winning, IFI-accredited, high tech fitness equipment, but 2015 saw you win many contracts for Strategic Leisure Development (SLD)partnerships, worth in excess of £100m. What is SLD?

Strategic Leisure Development (SLD) refers to the development strategy for a local authority’s entire portfolio of leisure stock on a long term partnership basis. Rather than looking at one facility or part of that facility, SLD looks collectively at the performance of the entire portfolio with the aim of dealing with current and future liabilities. SLD takes a holistic view of all local and national market research to create the best possible, innovative, phased development proposals which can encompass funding options and operational support.

In 2015 Pulse was appointed SLD Partner to Suffolk Coastal District Council, Great Yarmouth Borough Council and Bolsover District Council.

What services does Strategic Leisure Development encompass?
The process begins with an assessment of all leisure stock, creation of a business plan and full architectural designs by our teams. Once a facility is open we are able to provide a myriad of operational services which include operational management, staff training, IT Software and sales and marketing.

Pulse is unique in the amount of in-house services you are able to offer from your UK headquarters. Would you say that being British-based benefits you?
We believe our UK base gives us unrivalled flexibility compared to our competitors. Clients can sit with our in-house teams and create bespoke equipment, gym design and much more. This has helped us secure partnerships with the MOD and over the last three years we have supplied £6m worth of equipment to military bases all over the world. Our latest contract has seen us supply and install £300k of Pulse Fitness Equipment to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court.

We’ve seen Pulse invest heavily in technology over the last few years. With some of the most technologically advanced products and systems on the market in your portfolio, what’s next for Pulse?
Keeping our products and systems at the forefront of the technology market is extremely important as we recognise the power of data and engagement to gain and retain members. Our technology includes front of house management systems which capture join and book online, direct debits, KPI reports and CRM.

Our Console 6 technology offers an 18.5 inch touch screen which includes digital TV, radio and full internet browsing along with social media access.

Additionally, in 2015 we launched PulseMove, which was the first cloud-based activity tracking system that connects members’ fitness inside and outside the gym, and we have also invested in a range of interactive fitness products.

CASE STUDY: Creating iGym in 10 weeks

Pulse transforms an empty shell into a uniquely inspiring hi-tech facility

Pulse’s latest completed project is iGym, a £1.3m fitness facility at Imperial College London’s new residential campus in North Acton.

Pulse won the tender to create a modern fitness suite which caters for students but also appeals to the general public to ensure it is self-financing for the long term.

Pulse produced plans and architectural drawings including a detailed quotation for a turnkey solution.

Careful consideration was given to the fit-out to ensure running and maintenance costs remained low whilst still giving a high tech, high quality feel, in line with the iGym brand created by Pulse.

As the operator, Pulse has been responsible for creating all the infrastructure necessary for efficient running of the new fitness facility, including the staff recruitment, IT systems, access control, direct debit services, pricing policies, programming and marketing.

In just 10 weeks the space was transformed from an empty shell to a modern and unique facility, which boasts a high-tech 85-station gym with functional training zone and three group exercise studios including a cycling studio with Spivi software. The new gym currently boasts 1000 members and growing.


Pulse designed, built, fitted out and will operate the new iGym London in partnership with Imperial College

Pulse has many in-house skills from their UK HQ including 2D and 3D visualisation artists

TEL: +44 (0)1260 294600
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEB: www.pulsefitness.com


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