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Innovating fitness

Core fits out Planet Fitness, the largest private gym in Wales

The new kit from Core Health & Fitness has been custom-branded
The new kit from Core Health & Fitness has been custom-branded

Health club operator Planet Fitness has just completed its second site, representing a year-long project and a £300K investment, with brand new fitness equipment from Core Health & Fitness.

The club – based in Tredegar – worked with Core to design its interior décor and layout, creating a dedicated cardio area, as well as facilities for HIIT, strength and conditioning, group exercise and a new indoor cycling studio.

When it came to upgrading the fitness facilities, the club created dedicated spaces within the 53,000 sq ft floor space.

This has been complemented by new Star Trac cardio kit and bespoke red, custom-branded Nautilus strength equipment, along with Schwinn indoor cycling bikes and high intensity equipment from StairMaster.

Core Health & Fitness is proud to showcase Planet Fitness as the largest Nautilus Strength-equipped gym in Europe, with machines from across the Nautilus strength range, including Inspiration®, EVO™, Impact® , Instinct®, Leverage®, HumanSport®, Freedom Trainer™, DAPs and free weights.

The 8-series comes with a variety of new connectivity options in the form of the OpenHub Console, which provides entertainment, fitness tracking and asset management solutions, and ECOFIT, which completes the fitness experience for the facility owner and members.

Competitive edge
For the ultimate HIIT experience, Planet Fitness chose StairMaster’s Gauntlet, HIIT Bike™ and HIIT UBE™ for its new gym.

Decades after pioneering the toughest workout in the gym, StairMaster machines are still the ones members choose when they want to push themselves to the limit.

Today, StairMaster has added new innovations to the portfolio to keep members coming back for more.

Additionally, to accommodate the demand of group training, the Schwinn A.C. Sport™ bike has been chosen to provide user-focused features, enhanced comfort with adjustable seats and handlebars for optimal bike fit for all riders.

Duncan Black, Western European channel manager of Core Health & Fitness, is delighted with the new installation, saying: ‘Planet Fitness is an example of what a training venue can be. Our relationship is one where our innovative products meet a club which is committed to its members. With easy-to-use products that are robust enough to last, an investment in Core Health & Fitness products is one that both companies can benefit from.’

To find out more, visit: www.corehandf.com

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