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Wattbike is well known as the supplier of some of the most cutting edge indoor cycling equipment on the market. Now the team is launching a new training programme for fitness professionals

The new Wattbike education courses have been specifically designed for fitness professionals

Group cycling is one of the fastest growing indoor training sectors, and in recognition of this, Wattbike has announced the launch of its new Small Group Training education course. This brings innovation to the indoor cycling experience with progressive programming and periodised workouts focused around specific goals.

Members are made accountable for their own personal improvement using individual data and real-time feedback showing their effort expended.

Delivered by Wattbike Master Trainers, the six-hour Small Group Training course will teach attendees how to effectively run group training sessions, working through elements such as general conditioning, advanced conditioning and technique, to enable them to engage different demographics.

The sessions are designed to get results and work through progressive programming that guarantees performance improvements.

Nuffield Health has been an early adopter of the education course, having just launched Wattbike Small Group Training across 20 of its sites.

Charlie Banfield, national commercial manager for group exercise at Nuffield Health, explains: “We've been developing our group training for gym zones, ensuring we reflect our connected health strategy and cater to all customer types.

"From the outset, we knew we needed a Wattbike Zone to support our indoor cycling small group training.

"Even though the Wattbike was originally developed with professional athletes in mind, the bikes are a great fit for anyone of any ability who wants to see real results in their fitness and performance goals,” he continued.

The Small Group Training course will take learners through the four-stage Wattbike programme, starting with the principles of the effectiveness of using the Wattbike Polar View and understanding resistance training and technique.

This will be followed by a segment focusing on conditioning the body to work across training zones, another on targeting fitness gains and performance and then finally, ongoing sessions will be delivered to ensure continued performance progression.

Matt Gleed, Wattbike master trainer comments: “Having worked with renowned sports scientists, sporting champions and the best sporting engineers, Wattbike has always held the quality of its education at its core.

“With the rise in popularity of Wattbike Zones, the team recognised the need for a course to teach fitness professionals the latest in performance tracking, testing and delivering fitness-changing content in a motivational way.”

Wattbike is also launching a number of other courses, including a one-hour Express Introductory Workshop, four-hour Introductory Workshop and 3-4 hour Fitness Assessment and Testing course.

Training Fundamentals

BASE – Unique content founded around the principles of effectiveness using the Wattbike Polar View and Pedalling Effectiveness (PES) at its heart.

BUILD – This category of workouts is focused around conditioning the body to train across all zones, to develop all-round fitness. Engaging content that is suitable for riders of all abilities.

PERFORM – Specifically designed programmes to deliver fitness gains and enhanced performance. Suitable for people working towards a specific athletic achievement.

FUSION – The perfect content for an open-timetable, drop-in Small Group Training (SGT) set-up, Fusion offers a pack of individual workouts inspired by content from the Base, Build and Perform categories. It allows for versatility and flexibility when running SGT.

To find out more about these education courses or to book a visit from a Master Trainer, contact [email protected] or visit www.wattbike.com for more information


The course takes learners on a four-stage training programme

TEL: +44 (0)115 945 5450

EMAIL: [email protected]

WEB: www.wattbike.com



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