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Leisure Management - Technogym - Build New Training Experiences with Technogym in 2020

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Technogym - Build New Training Experiences with Technogym in 2020

Fusing great kit with tailored workouts and cutting edge technology, Technogym products create peak experiences for members

At the heart of any successful fitness community is a brand that truly understands its people’s goals.

Club 4.0, which Technogym launched at IHRSA, helps operators innovate, with compelling content and all-new classes.

Combining exciting equipment, digital innovation and training programmes, Club 4.0 helps operators provide a different fitness experience for each customer.

Club 4.0 training formats
Technogym offers a range of training formats through Club 4.0, including Skillrow, Skillbike and Skillmill HIIT, as well as Biocircuit, Skillrun Class and Bootcamp.

Trainers benefit from Club 4.0, too, as the user-friendly app means they can quickly set up classes, and manage logistics, including scheduling classes and selecting music.

Club 4.0 formats focus on the needs of the end user, by helping you make more of your available staff, space and time to create programmes which resonate.

One of the unique aspects of Club 4.0 is its use of digital. Technogym utilise the mywellness cloud digital platform to offer class formats that connect all products and programmes seamlessly.

Evolution of the gym floor
Personalised training experiences are still a key way to attract and retain customers, but they now also provide a crucial opportunity to drive revenue streams and build strong communities.

Savvy operators are using Club 4.0 formats to transform the gym floor experience. The technology can help you create a dedicated space in your facility, or develop a standalone studio to maximise the use of your square footage.

This flexibility means you can deliver personalised fitness experiences aligned with your business objectives.

Make an impact with Club 4.0 from Technogym
Market competition from boutique operators mean we all need to think outside the box to differentiate our offering. Club 4.0 formats does this by focusing first on the needs of your end user, then helping you make more of your staff, space, and time.

Ready to launch a successful new club format?
Technogym provides support during the roll-out of any new format, so you can maximise its implementation and success.

To find out more about the many ways you could deliver a Club 4.0 experience, to your members, contact Technogym today on 01344 300236 or email [email protected]

Skillrow and Skillbike classes at Your Space

Your Space has transformed its offering at three of the clubs in its portfolio – Pontefract, Metrodome and Hoyland leisure centres. “We wanted to create a format around two core pieces of equipment that are non-intimidating and innovative," says head of fitness, Tom Galvin.

"The Skill Line meets this criteria perfectly, as the athletic training capability means members are pushed to develop their skills and technique."

"Skillrow Class gives members the chance to row and compete together, while the gamification element offers enjoyment and enables training in a more interactive way.

"By creating a small group exercise format, we encourage community and being part of a team, while dedicated social areas bring out people's inner athlete, enabling them to perform a great workout on a piece of equipment they feel comfortable on in a fun, lively space."

Your Space has embraced the Technogym 4.0 offering
Macclesfield Leisure Centre

Biocircuit at Macclesfield Leisure Centre was one of the first UK sites to launch Biocircuit, introducing a workout that challenges and engages all members.

“Everybody at Macclesfield Leisure Centre is thrilled about the launch of Biocircuit," says Paul Winrow, director of sport and operations at Everybody Sport and Recreation. "The introduction of this new product has allowed us to offer something new and exciting to our members. "As a charity, our aim is to continuously provide new and innovative fitness technology alongside our key mission, 'Leisure for Life'”, he explains.

"Biocircuit is evidence of this, as whatever the goal of our members – from athletes looking to enhance their training, to people on our health and wellbeing programmes who are looking for a safe way to stay fit and active – Biocircuit has benefits for everyone and as a result, is proving to be hugely popular, right across the board."

Macclesfield Leisure Centre, run by Everyone Sport and Recreation, has introduced Biocircuit from Technogym
Skill Line Classes at Odyssey Health Club

Odyssey Health Club has undergone a gym floor transformation with the introduction of classes and gym floor zones, including, Skillbike Class, Skillrun Class and Skillrow Class.

"By creating pockets of activity around particular zones of equipment, we increased engagement for different demographics and member goals," says Ian Richards, director at Odyssey. "The introduction of Skill Line has also prompted us to change the way we deliver inductions and feedback shows people appreciate knowing how much they can do on the equipment.

For example, Skillbike Class we run three different class types on the gym floor: Climb for strength and stamina, Intervals for high intensity and Race for competition. With Skill Line zones we can host classes, engage and demystify exercises, so more members give things a go.”

Odyssey has had great takeup from members

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