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Leisure Management - Connect, engage, coach with Technogym Mywellness

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Connect, engage, coach with Technogym Mywellness

Reaching members anywhere and anytime to connect, engage and coach is more important than ever and can easily be activated through Technogym Mywellness

“Within hours of our facility closure we were able to offer a professional online service to cater not just for our members but for the whole community.”
Mywellness gives members access to varied workouts and coaching

In an industry such as fitness and wellness, member engagement and connectivity are fundamental. Today, more than ever, it is important for clubs to continue to be close to members.

Staying connected
Technogym Mywellness is the ideal solution to enable you to stay in touch with your members. Launched in 2012, this complete digital platform allows you to connect and engage with users and deliver “wellness on the go.”

With a variety of different functions available which can be configured to meet the requirements of the business, it allows fitness clubs to manage their members' training at home.

Engage members
Keeping in touch with members and offering them a range of content and engagement to enable them to train at home, means they prove to be more loyal to the club in the medium to long term.

Even if, for a while, they’re unable to attend the facility, they’re more likely to return if they use Mywellness, because they haven't lost their training habit.

Remote coaching
Today, the key for clubs is to be able to offer training programmes and services to members at home and thanks to the Mywellness platform, clubs can offer training and coaching programs to their customers remotely and make the best use of this technology.

Thanks to Mywellness app, fitness clubs can provide training services to customers to keep them active and motivated.

Workout of the Day
The app provides a choice of three new workouts every day for the users, to keep them active and engaged

Training Contents
Clubs can deliver personalised programmes to individuals, to keep members engaged and on track with their fitness routine

Remote Coaching
The Mywellness app includes 'chat to coach' option to keep in touch with users, anytime anywhere, keeping them motivated and active

Case study 1: Village Gyms
Operator, Village Gyms, has been proactively promoting a Train at Home option to all its members across 31 different sites.

The operator was quick to engage with all members using social media to increase attention by positively promoting the offering, Village Gyms tailored three daily workouts to suit different fitness levels and all three are available on the Mywellness app, labelled easy, medium and pro.

“The Train at Home concept has been a massive support to both our members and our brand," says Ben Edwards, national fitness manager at Village Gyms.

“Mywellness has enabled us to keep engaged via social media and still offer members a much-demanded fitness service. The workouts are progressive and easy to follow, aligned with the great professional touch which Technogym always brings. They have been a sure-fire success,” he said.
Case study 2: Freedom Leisure
New to Mywellness, Freedom Leisure promoted Train at Home to members across its 104 centres following the shutdown.

Providing three weekly home workouts targeting a range of fitness levels, Freedom has gone a step further and encourages members to compete with six different challenges, including Daily 1,000, which challenges members to get 1,000 Technogym MOVEs [a unit of effort] every day for seven days.

Freedom activated Mywellness on 24 March and achieved an impressive 4,225 Mywellness accounts created in a week.

“We knew we had to act fast – the timeline between initial discussion to the launch of the app was 48 hours, which proves what can be achieved when everyone has an aligned goal and focus,” said Barry Thomson, regional commercial manager.

“This app is an important part of our retention plan and will support members in maintaining a healthy body and mind during these unprecedented times.”
Case study 3: PLM
Being a community gym and new to Train at Home, PLM was keen to keep the momentum going.

Taking advantage of Mywellness, PLM is providing three daily workouts made available anytime allowing members to maintain their training routines remotely.

PLM further enhanced the offering by adding additional home workouts designed and provided by the team of PLM trainers.

To maintain the personal touch, personalised programmes and regular trainer contact, using the coach function of the app, keeps members on track with their goals.

“Utilising Mywellness we continue to provide tailored guidance for our clients, a variety of home workout options for all our members and more importantly, the opportunity of growth during challenging times.

“It could not have been any easier to personalise the system to match the business and thanks to Mywellness we are more connected than ever to all of our customers,” said MD, Phil Moss.
Ready to launch Mywellness in your facility?
Technogym provides full support and consultancy, so you can maximise the implementation and success.

To find out more about the many ways you can deliver ‘Train at Home’ experiences for your members, contact Technogym today on 01344 300236 or www.technogym.com/connect

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